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It's hard enough to earn your education or apprenticeship, and confidently hone your craft, let alone build the lucrative business of your dreams without burnout and imbalance.  

Nothing sparks joy quite like helping other beauty entrepreneurs unlock key questions in building and growing their business.  I've helped artists and stylists of all levels create systems that support their personal, financial, and energetic goals.  

I've filled a lot of shoes in the industry, and have pivoted freelance markets a few times.  Navigating new things alone can feel daunting, and feel entirely uphill.  I know that feeling, because I did it for years.  Coaches were a dime-a-dozen, but none of them had ever stood where I stood.  They talked the talk, but didn't understand the world I came from.  

So I decided to become what I was searching for, so I can give it to others, and support them how I wanted to be supported all those years ago.