Not exactly.  Once we've connected, and you're ready to do this thing, we'll connect several times before your elopement day(s).  First up is connecting on your needs, then planning sessions, we'll create a timeline, and we'll touch base as the date approaches.  Once you contract with me, your communication with me is unlimited, and I put an average of 12-14 hours of work into a domestic and local (PNW) adventure elopement.  

so, you just 'show up' on elopement day?

The answer is, where are you eloping?  Seriously though, I'm down to go anywhere.  I've got a passport and international elopements are welcome here.  While I'm based and in LOVE with the PNW, you tell me where I'm going next.  

The perfect add on service for your adventure elopement or any other wedding service.  We will stay on location with you for as long as you wish, ensuring you look perfect through renegade tears and anything else that the day brings us. 

what are concierge services?

how far will you travel?

Yes, on a limited basis.  We take on a small number of more traditional, larger parties per year.  If the need for additional support arises, I do have associate artists that are rockstars, and have skill and experience that is expected from our brand.  If you think I'm fun, you should see me with s squad.  

can you service large parties?

I have a plan for that.  Over 90% of my brides book without an in person preview.  We will take a deep dive into all the things that are on your mind for your hair and makeup looks.  Once our planning sessions are finished, you'll walk away confident in my ability to bring your vision to life the day of your elopement.   

How do 'trials' work if we're far apart?

What the faq?