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Since creating meaningful and curated moments are the centerpiece of our trade, micro weddings, 'mini-monies' and small parties are absolutely our jam.  

Each look is custom crafted for the person wearing it. Our hair and makeup kits are stocked with the highest quality, cruelty-free, photo-ready products. Beauty is not one size fits all, nor is your special occasion.  

We style everyone with intention, creating unique, custom looks and celebrating diversity through beauty. Practicing mindfulness throughout the entire process; focusing on the unique features of each individual we work with; listening to their concerns, and amplifying what makes them 'them'.

bride plus 1-3 attendants

Micro Weddings


I love Meaghan! She's extremely good at what she does. I had a pretty specific vision for what I wanted my wedding makeup to look like and she delivered - and then some. She's super personable and sweet. I couldn't recommend her any higher.


I absolutely LOVED working with Meaghan for my wedding in October. I was so impressed by how knowledgeable she was about skin types and products, and how she was able to understand the "no-makeup makeup" look I was going for (despite me not really being able to explain it very well...). As someone who doesn't wear much makeup on a daily basis, I was nervous that my wedding makeup would feel heavy or would look unnatural on me. Meaghan not only calmed my nerves and answered all my questions, she totally delivered on the look I was hoping for. My makeup not only looked so natural, it stayed flawless for the entire day, despite our wedding day being incredibly humid. It looked wonderful in the pictures as well. Meaghan also did a phenomenal job with my mother and mother-in-law's makeup. Fleurt Beauty and Meaghan absolutely nailed it - highly, highly recommend

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It all began with a traditional wedding on the east coast...

For over a decade, we committed ourselves to serving 'traditional' wedding clients and quickly emerged as a curated collective of rockstar hair and makeup artists that created expert, and memorable experiences.   

Since finding our way to the PNW and destination and adventure elopements, we take on a limited number of larger weddings per year.  We'd love to connect, if you think we may a good fit for you and bridal party.  

bride plus 4 or more adults

Traditional Weddings


Our philosophy will forever be to bring out the intrinsic beauty in each person we have the privilege to serve. There is something stunning and effortless about every person. Every. Single. One. Our approach is to enhance your beauty. Our goal is for people to see YOU. Not your makeup or your hairstyle first. Just you, in the most perfect, effortless version.  

Our clients also value connection.  As we are a boutique brand, customized service and intimate connections are the cornerstone of the Black Fern experience. From the initial stages of planning, to down-the-aisle, you will be in touch with us personally.

Trust is the foundation for every valuable relationship.  We take very seriously our role in this epic day for you and your loved ones.  Our goal is to create an environment of transparency and safety so we may offer the best work from us.  

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