The Cost of Self Care

This weeks post is a day late and pretty short.  It is, however, a message that has been on my mind for a while.

Whether you are a busy, working Mama, a professional Makeup Artist hustling to build a name and a brand, a wife (in our case, we both are almost all of the above), or a single working professional in any industry, chances are your self care takes a back seat some days.  Maybe even more often than not.

“Self Care” has become a buzzword in our industry lately.  That brings loads of brands trying to cash in on your hard earned money to make you care for yourself by purchasing their products. Hey, if its in your budget and you can’t get enough botox, $300 eye cream, and champagne brunches with the girls-do it!

This ones for all the people feeling “left out” of the self care routine because they don’t have money or time for bi-weekly mani-pedis.  Heres the secret.  Self care can be totally free.  That is what it truly means to care for yourself.

Heres a handy list:

  • Staying Hydrated
  • Move 30 minutes a day
  • Take nap if your wrecked
  • Say “No”
  • Eat healthy food
  • Good Personal Hygiene
  • Delegate & Ask for Help
  • Meditate (if thats your thing)
  • Be careful of media that you consume!

The last one is a big deal.  Trade your weekly reality TV binge for a book on something uplifting and interesting.  Take breaks from social media.  (The ideal body, perfect makeup and hair, extravagant wealth is unhealthy for us to consume in large doses).  Nothing wrong with setting goals and being inspired, but don’t let it drive you into “toxic though land.”

That’s it y’all.  Some super soul sh*t.


Have you incorporated self care into your life?  Tell us how!

  1. Gina says:

    I say ‘no’ like I’m getting paid. And I do those biweekly manis and pedis myself after taking a long-ass shower and spending an hour on lotion, face and drying. It’s my ‘me time’!

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