Fleurt Faves: Drugstore Makeup

We do love the drugstore.  Please know when we refer to “drugstore” Target and Wal-Mart fall in that category.  We do have Holy Grail (HG) products that we often add into our personal rotations and recommend for our clients (we’re all on a budget).


Front runners are: LOREAL Extra Volume CollagenLOREAL Lash ParadiseLOREAL Voluminous Original.  L’Oreal FTW here, it seems.  The first one is Meghan’s favorite, and has been for 10 years!

They are all richly pigmented, separate lashes, do not flake, are long wearing, plump up volume,  and have an emollient quality.   They are all available in waterproof formulas and will hands down compete with any high end mascara out there.  There is a ton of hype in mascara.  From the wand, to the fibers, to the “ingredients from space” (nope, that’s not a joke).  Here’s a thing to consider.  You should be replacing your mascara every 3 months.  Do you really want to replace a $40 mascara every 90 days?


The minute this foundation launched, we were both pretty shook over it.  Super impressive, buildable coverage, doesn’t oxidize, creamy consistency, long wearing, really nice drugstore foundations.  Thank you Mabyleine Fit Me Foundation!  Available in Matte and Poreless for oily  skin, and Dewy and Smooth for drier skin types.  Nice shade range too.  The undertones are fairly neutral so you won’t wind up too cool or too warm.  As with any foundation (even high end) we always recommend picking up a couple shades for mixing an as the seasons change.  Very few foundations on the market are spot on perfect (if you ask a makeup artist) and will always require a little mixing.  But at the price, this is hardly a big purchase.


You can’t say we aren’t consistent.  In addition to the Fit Me foundation, the concealer of the range is even more impressive.  Some call it a dupe for the NARS creamy concealer.  We tend to agree.  Decent shade range, easy no fuss doe-foot applicator.  We do absolutely repurchase this very regularly.  Super emollient, blends well, not drying, so great for more mature skin types.  It dries to  skin finish, not chalky or ashy.

Incredible price, uber affordable.  Check it out!




This is super simple.  All. Things. NYX.  From lipsticks to glosses, and creams in between, the price point and quality will definitely “wow” you.  These are a staple for our personal bags and professional kits as well.  The color range has something for everyone , and there are so many finishes from which to choose.  The possibilities really are endless.  If you want to build up a lip collection on a budget, this is honestly the best place to start. They are widely available at all of your fave places to bargain shop for makeup.


Most drugstore highlighter leave a little something to be desired.  They are either lacking pigment payoff, appear “chalky” or simply do not last.  They’re just “meh.”  However, there are a couple that really work beautifully and will pleasantly surprise!    For drier skin types a cream highlighter is always a fantastic idea.  Lower-end pressed pigments can look unflattering and “separate” on the skin, making it “crepe-y.”  The best liquid version we have found in the drugstore is L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator.

It comes in three shades, and blends in with. finger in seconds, time saver.  

If you love a pressed highlighter, the one that got all the hype this past year is 100 % worth it in
our opinion.  Its gorgeous.  If you need a pressed highlighter, snag it.  Also doubles as an eyeshadow brilliantly.  Welcome, Maybelline Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter.  Molten Gold is stunning, and the Molten Rose Gold is so lush on darker skin tones.  Grab a couple when you find them in stock, or pick up on-line, they are almost always sold out.


Rachael and Meaghan were working a wedding together, both of them being in the zone, neither one of them are looking at each other.  Meaghan overhears every single client that sits in Rachael’s chair exclaim “oh, THAT smells SO good.”  So of course Meaghan swings around to find out what all the fuss was about.  It was Murumuru Butter Bronzer by, Physicians Formula.  Its so lush.  It smells of tropical paradise, has a velvety texture and blends smoothly into natural looking bronze perfection.  It is a matte finish, and is perfect for a light contour.  (Pro Tip:  countering for beginners, do not use a shimmery bronzer).  Because of the buttery feel, it is never ashy or dry.  The “fair” shade is one of the best colors for extremely fair skin.  Huge bonus.


Another super hyped drug store holy grail (that we can’t live without) is Milani Baked Blush.  Available in matte and shimmery finishes, there is something for everyone and color tone.  Milani claims to sun bake their blushes on Italian terracotta tiles.  All we know is $8 (average) is a steal for a pigmented and buildable blush.  Terracotta sun bake or not.

With all this savings, you can splurge on other must haves, like eye shadow pallets, primers, and get a good facial every once in a while.

What have you tried?  What do you love? What’s your fave drug store holy grail?







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