Beauty Product Travel Hacks

Traveling is fun and exciting.  Whats not so fun and exciting is packing and making sure you bring all of your must have beauty items.

I travel quite a bit and its when your “essentials” list is really long, it becomes more difficult to carry on all those items.  While I’m not opposed to checking a bag, if you’ve ever had a bag lost on a short trip, it will give you pause and make you reconsider the carry on option.  (I really like the satisfaction of breezing past all the people waiting at baggage claim).

Sample Size Me

So this might seem like a no brainer, but I hoard sample size holy grails specifically for travel.  If you don’t have a sample size stash and you have a trip planned, head to Nordstrom and Sephora and load up on sample size products.  Everything from eye cream to serum, perfume to foundation, is available and you can prep for a trip at both places.  Also, free samples are budget friendly AF.

The same applies for your haircare.  If you’re headed out of town on a trip and you’re in the chair for a color touch up, ask your stylist for a few samples of shampoo and conditioner to take along, gotta keep that color looking good.  (Travel size containers of all of your salon faves are available at most salons, and can even be ordered for you ahead of time, if you give your salon team enough notice).

Sheet Masks To-Go

A brilliant plan for great skin care is to treat yourself to a sheet mask each evening.  This might sound decadent, but, if you pack the right mask for the climate and your current skin condition, this will save you space on packing  other things, while you giving your skin the nourishment it needs.  Also, they are single use, so you come back with less than you left with.  Which is always cool.

Useful Containers

Hanging onto sample sized re-useable containers (small pots) is a brilliant
way to make your own to-go samples.  Other small, sealable containers like contact lens cases are perfect for foundation primers and other creams for a few days use.

Travel Makeup 411

A key to making your travel makeup bag super light is to cultivate products that will multi-task.  Your fave bronzer will make a gorgeous transition shade eyeshadow.  A good (matte & shimmer) eyeshadow pallet can act as highlighter, eyeliner, and brow powder.  Purchasing brushes with bristles at both ends will allow you to pack fewer of them and save time in digging for them.

Another awesome hack is one that I just tried and it worked wonders!  Due to my dry skin, I prefer a liquid foundation.  There is no really good spill proof way to take a liquid foundation on the road, and with the change in cabin pressure on a plane, literally anything can spill.  I purchased and loved Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation.  The container is perfect for travel, as the sponge inside the compact hold all of the product.  As you can imagine, packaging like this does not yield a ton of product, which is fine, because I just added some Fit Me Foundation to the sponge and it was refilled and ready to board.

What travel hacks have you tried?!  Share below…



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