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While we are staying distant and staying home, lets do something positive!  Its time to clean, and purge, honey.  As one of Baltimore’s ‘go-to’ beauty teams, we are proud of our kits, and our good hygiene practices.  The images in this article are of our professional set ups…makeup kit porn! Look into any makeup lovers […]

Purging Old Beauty Products, Storage & Good Hygiene

Bridal, Makeup, Skincare

Apr 21, 2020
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Meaghan gets brave and shares her experience and takes you along on her Botox and filler appointment with Dr. Michele Shermak. If you would like more information about Dr. Michele Shermak or to book an appointment with her, please visit  

VLOG Episode 4


Jun 20, 2018
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This is a 6 minute read~ Y’all, we know you want to be gorgeous and stay on budget.  We hear you.  So, we compiled a good skin care routine that won’t break your bank. Let us first say that we believe, with our whole heart, that if you love, nurture and care for your skin […]

Skin Care Solutions: Routine for $80 (Normal-Dry Skin Types)


Apr 10, 2018
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So we challenged Rachael to pick four favorite makeup products and tell us why.  Its important to know that she never misses a new product launch, swatches everything and is up on all the latest.  But when she chose four favorites, she went with the tried and true. She’s serious about her makeup products and […]

Four Fave Makeup Products & Why


Feb 6, 2018
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So excited.  There will be three new, glorious acid skincare products hitting the market in the first quarter of this year, that we cannot wait to get our hands on.  Seriously, excited!! First up is by one of our fave all time brands, LaRoche-Posay. They have launched a beautiful Hyaluronic acid/ Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) serum. […]

Exclusive: 3 New Acid Skincare Products Launching in 2018!


Jan 15, 2018
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New Years always brings about a certain nostalgia for us. Most people look ahead to the future, make New Years resolutions and grand plans for the upcoming year.  We certainly do our share of goal setting and strategic planning; but looking back at milestones and accomplishments creates a mindset of gratitude, rather than one of anticipation […]

Cheers to 2018!


Jan 12, 2018