PRODUCT REVIEW: Self Tanners, its that time of year again.

As the weather gets warmer, we are are pulling out the spring wardrobe to discover how pale we really are after this long winter (that can end any day now).  The hope is that you are avoiding the tanning bed for good, and left that beauty trend behind and have moved onto other means of getting your glow on.

Rachael details for us, her take on a few popular brands.  Ultimately, we are all different and what we love, you may not and vice versa.  Whatever you try, please share it with us in a comment below!

Tan Towels

These might be the least favorite on our list.  There is no “color guard” so you really can’t see where you have applied and what areas still need coverage.  As a result, there will be a huge trial and error learning curve if you go for these.  The packaging is great, as they are individually wrapped and you don’t need another item for application (like a mitt).  The smell is bit strong, so if that’s an issue, you might want to skip.  Gotta love their slogan, look good naked.

Fake Bake Flawless

The smell in this one is pretty strong, but the color is gorgeous.  The spray application leaves a lot to be desired and ultimately you have to use a mitt to apply it.  The lasting power is good, but as it wears, the blotch factor is a thing.  It does not wear well as it ages.  More here!


St Tropez

Both the girls really like this brand.  A mitt is almost always required for their products, but the results are gorgeous.  These tans last a long time and wear beautifully.  They just fade.  They don’t blotch.  Its  bliss.  Again, they do have an odor, but its far less offensive than some other products.  The secret to the beauty of the color in these products is the undertone.  Its green.  yep, green.  Green counteracts the orange color that self tanners so often have.  We grab ours at Sephora.

Vita Liberata

This foam base requires a mitt to apply, no big deal.  The tan fades well but does not have the best staying power.  Great if you need some color for a special event and are not looking for something that lasts for a week.  The undertone of this is a raspberry color.  Looks great on skin, not orange.  They also have amazing tanning tips on their website (which is beautiful).  You can also shop their products there also.  Check out these tips.

Loving Tan

This is the current favorite.  The Ultra Dark is perfect for anyone who has an olive skin tome, for fairer (pink) skin tones, the Dark color is perfect.  The smell is minimal, the undertone is raspberry in color, has great staying power, and fades naturally.  Is a foam product which is best applied with a mitt.  In stock and on-line at Ulta.

Self tan tips:

  • Limit the use of exfoliating body washes
  • Use ultra rich body moisturizers (daily)
  • Pat dry out of the shower/pool (don’t wipe)
  • Use a cream or lotion on cuticles (hands & feet) prior to application
  • Exfoliate dry areas (knees, elbows, ankles) well before application
  • Shave a day or two before tanning to avoid dark spots in hair follicles

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