The Ultimate Wedding Crasher: Celebrating in a Pandemic

Lets face it.  The world hasn’t stopped spinning, but it sure looks different these days.

For the past several months we have all been heartbreakingly impacted by the effects of Corona Virus.  What gives me the most hope, is the resilience I’ve witnessed.  Especially from brides who are determined to celebrate love, even if it looks different than their original plans.

The first FBC bride, post quarantine, was one that took all the setbacks in stride and created a backyard farm wedding to die for.  It was a beautiful and special day.  And to be fair-I am a sucker for a historic farm.

The following images, are courtesy of the fabulous Megan Bennett Photography!  Thanks girl!

Taylor’s venue was unable (at the very last minute) to host her gorgeous Sunday morning brunch wedding.  So thanks to her super hero Mom, Maggie, they moved the event to the backyard and what they created was nothing short of magical.

I arrived early in the morning to a thoughtfully arranged coffee tray, thanks to ‘Mama-Maggie’ as they know I am a coffee lover.

The prep process was not our ‘typical’ one.  I was there for only Taylor, and her Mom.  There were not loads of bridesmaids, loud music and the usual dose of tense energy that surrounds early wedding days.  Instead, it was calm, special, and relaxing-even for me.

As I whipped through Taylor’s hair and makeup, I realized just how special my job is.  I mean, I’ve always known-its kind of a big deal, I mean it is a wedding after all.  But this one was different.  After months of not being able to do what I love, I was finally back.  I was at peace and my heart was really full.

Everything was actually perfect.  All of the hard, and very last minute effort that went into this day created something magical.

Thank you Taylor, for trusting me with your incredible day!  I am honored to have been a part of it. P.S.  Kiss the baby goats for me!

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