“Minimony”: How to do it the ‘Right Way’

Looking back over the most beautiful moments of 2020, the memory of this backyard “minimony” comes to mind.  As we all know, 2020 had weddings looking really different; but micro weddings are amazing, and here’s a peek at one destined to be an inspiration for brides looking to downsize.

Not only was every small detail carefully curated, our bride, Alyssa, remained blissfully positive despite a lot of ups and downs.  After several postponements and venue changes, the weather for the day of her elopement was also not the best.  The end result though, was beyond stunning.

Thanks to the expert hands of our babe, Anna at The Otherside Creatives, this was one for books.

Baltimore Wedding Planner

Anna Singer, The Otherside Creatives

With the whole house to get ready in, and the buzz coming from the screened in back porch (where Anna was pouring over every detail), the environment was not ‘typical’ for a wedding.  It was relaxed, intimate, and so happy.

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Oregon Wedding HairI have never seen rain look so good on a wedding day.  It was positively romantic.  The best part, was that Alyssa and Ryan were able to, finally have their wedding.  They are having another celebration later in 2021, but this day will be really hard to top.  It really was the most special, and we were lucky to be a small part of such a big day.

Special Thanks to Kate Ann Photography for all the images in this piece, they are stunning, friend!

Alyssa’s stunning florals were crafted by Thurman & Fig.

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