Breaking News: Meaghan Moves to Oregon


2020 brought a ton of life changes for everyone.  One of the biggest was Meaghan setting up home base on the west coast.  While she has spent most of her life in Baltimore City, its seems wild that Oregon would be the next stop on her journey.  The world turning upside down has a way of shaking things loose, and making big waves.  So, the next chapter begins!

What does this mean for Baltimore brides?  Well, she will still be booking weddings!  Meaghan’s time will be split between both coasts, so she can care for the brides in Charm City, and expand the business into Oregon, Washington, and Northern California.    Her services offered in Baltimore will be limited to hair design only; and she will be offering hair and makeup services out west.  She’s looking forward to the challenge of starting a network from scratch, and meeting new faces in her new home.

Be sure to follow her on her adventure, which includes renovating a home, continuing creative projects, and building a Fleurt Beauty Company expansion!  Find her Instagram here.  In addition to posting her work, and outdoor adventures, she will keep brides updated on her availability there, so be sure to give her a follow.

Meaghan has always LOVED travel, so its a dream come true for her to be able to do what she loves, while on the move.

She will also continue to take on destination brides when her schedule allows.

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