Engagement photography-and why this popular trend is a bad idea.

We gotta talk….

We often get requests for two dates when folks inquire with us for hair and makeup services.  One of course is your wedding day, and the other is when you plan to have your engagement photos taken.  So naturally (or at the direction of your photog or planner) you’d like your trial hair and makeup done the same day.   I know, that seems like such a great idea!  In the words of a few planners I’ve spoken with “you’re killing two birds with one stone” and “getting more bang for your buck!”

Heres just a few reasons why this (can be) a bad idea.

1.  Stress

I know it doesn’t seem like it would be THAT stressful to get to your trial appointment, nail your bridal looks, figure out where to meet your Boo for the session, find a place to get dressed or change, traverse rush hour traffic, (after all its a sunset session right?), find good parking, locate your photographer, get to meet them for the first time, get comfortable, nail your session, connect with the second wedding vendor of the day and make it in time for your dinner reservation at 7:30.  Hot take: it actually can be stressful.  And I’ve personally had brides melting down in my trial chair because of all of this.  Also avoid: doing your trial on bridal shower day.  BIG YIKES!

2. Presence

Our goal, now and forever will be to make sure that you are happy with your looks, and that we vibe together.  Often, we find that if you are focused on all the things listed above, you will likely not be able to stay present and really focus on what you wish to convey to us, and will be focused on the “next thing” you have to do in your day. (Like texting your photographer and fiancĂ©, and incessantly checking the weather).  We are only as good as the collaborative guidance you offer us, so really being present with us and 100% focused on your WEDDING DAY look is what we need to be successful.  Hot take:  You will very likely wish to schedule another trial after photo day.  When the day ends and things slow down is when you will reflect on your bridal look, and the time for collaboration is over.  While we will happily offer another trial appointment, you will end up paying for trials twice.  So the “more bang for your buck” notion no longer applies.

3.  Duplicate Looks

Since you are here for a bridal look, thats exactly what your engagement session hair and makeup will look like.  If you are using for these images for save the dates or social media announcements, you’ll be giving everyone a sneak peek of your wedding day glam.  Hot take:  This is your chance to be playful with your hair and makeup.  If there is a trend you’ve always wanted to try but know you don’t want to be “too trendy” for your wedding day, engagement pics are the perfect place for this!

4. Scheduling

POV: You’re super hyped because your photographer has you booked for your engagement shoot.  You have outfits picked, cute props, the whole nine.  Then you hit us up for a trial appointment, and we are booked for a wedding or elopement on your photo day.  Hot Take:  Avoid the “big sad” and reach out to us first.

At the end of the day, we are committed to your wedding day look, fr fr.  We may be available for your photo day and it never hurts to reach out to check with us.  We just don’t want you to take advice from other vendors about our process, and set you up for big disappointment; either because we aren’t available, or because you scheduled ONE appointment with TWO objectives.

Don’t pass up killer beauty vendors for your big day just because they cant accommodate your engagement  sesh or bridal shower day.  Good beauty teams are busy, and they have worked for years on processes that deliver the BEST for their brides on the big day.  If we are able to link up for photo day, thats icing on the cake babe.

As always, we want a discussion, so drop ’em in the comments.


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