Elope Alaska

This will not be the ‘How to Elope Alaksa in epic fashion’ article. I leave that to the pros, and in this case its Sam Starns. And you can read her guide, and soak in all that knowledge and know-how.

I’ll instead share my experience with S + J and their love story in a wild and untamed place, and being on hand to help them get ready for adventure. They had a multiple day adventure elopement planned with lots of activities-helicopter ride to a glacier, dog sledding, horseback riding, you name it-they did it!

I was, as any good HMUA is, thinking about longevity of hair and makeup during such rigorous activities, and in such an extreme climate. Yes, even Alaska in the summer is extreme when wearing full makeup all day outdoors, on a horse, in the misty rain. Humidity and temperature fluctuate rapidly, putting all my hard work to the absolute test. Fr fr. And then theres a helicopter ride.

My strategy was, build it to fall apart. My bride has the best bob length hair, and we planned multiple hairstyles for her activities. Each looking a little different, but built for wind, mist, rain, rising and falling temps. For her makeup, it was critical that I create a hydrated and protective base for her skin from the elements, AND one that would hold onto makeup without separating or pilling. Equally as important was finding a sunscreen product that wouldn’t interfere with photography, but keep her fair skin protected.

And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, I had to fly with it all…carrying on what I could not be without, and checking only what wasn’t permitted in my carry-on onboard my flight.

That’s all in a days work over here 😉

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