Pacific Coast Elopement: Leo Style

The main reason I wait to share the real love stories I’m blessed to be welcomed into, is because the perspective of looking back on a special time is the most beautiful kind to me. When we’re still in the “afterglow” of such a day-all we feel is excitement. But when we’ve had time to process the whole thing, and experience other epic circumstances, we realize just how special, beautiful, and meaningful they really are.

So let’s go back to the summer of last year, on the south Oregon Coast, for one of the most glamorous adventure elopements I’ve had the pleasure to witness.

My gorgeous Bride is a triple Leo, with a dress for each one of those placements. Our day began with glam after a casual and steamy morning photo session captured by Heather, followed by first look, pro-chef prepared meal for all of us-so amazing, and then the days worth of adventures really began.

Pro Tip: Do whatever your heart desires come elopement day.

By the time I arrived that morning, K and I totally felt like soul friends. We’re from totally different places and times, but we know as soon as we connected on our first call, we were meant to be. She shared with me, her extravagant vision, and I immediately thought of countless hair styles and makeup looks I could make for her to compliment all of the visuals she painstakingly planned.

Pro Tip: For more intricate elopement day aesthetic plans, absolutely consider booking extra day of coverage.

Some call this concierge service, no matter the name, it is a really excellent option for eloping couples far from home with no additional support with them physically, in the form of friends, family or loved ones. Tell me what’s better than this: you just happen to have a professional hair and makeup artist, who has seen hundreds of weddings, worked with thousands of clients, with kit full of anything you’ll need for the day, following you around with snacks, making sure you’re hydrated and looking perfect all day? Some dreams DO come true.

K + B opted for a vintage rental to add to the story of the day-an excellent choice if you prefer to keep things a little less wildly adventurous, and a little more glam. Remember, this is about you, and what you both love, and the love story YOU are telling.

A lot of couples weigh the pros and cons of concierge level service. I offer a few things to consider, when I’m on a discovery call with a potential bride or couple.

  • Are your dresses difficult to get into alone?
  • Are you planning a real first look? Are you OK with your partner seeing you?
  • Are you flexible with the glam of your choosing? (We have a wider range of aesthetic options if I’m with you all day).
  • Are you really interested in the little details? (Your photographer is often your only other vendor with you-their job is intense, and they have to be thinking of shifting weather, lighting, timing, trail conditions, other people-you get it. Sometimes having someone looking out for small details is such an advantage, so there’s another set of eyes on you-making sure everything is perfect.

Since K and I had three dresses to inspire hair and makeup looks around, our planning session needed to be incredibly thorough. We opted to keep things relatively simple.

Our first look was just that, dress number one with a simple and clean down style, that was not the most ideal for the winds on the beach, so we changed it up to a low tousled up style.

Dress number two saw the hairstyle crossover, and the makeup perfected-then onto the final look, for the secret ceremony.

But not before we got more epic shots of this car. And her veil. It was so perfect!

There is really something magical about holding space, and literal things for folks on such a huge day. Traditional weddings are full of free hands holding tissues, and wishing you well. There are countless hearts to help calm your nerves, and re assure you. But when it’s just our little ‘I do Crew’ I tend to be the one. Always wishing you well as I zip or button you in, catching tears, and telling you how good you look, often before you see each other. My goal is always to carry a warm, centering energy, to be a support when needed, and knowing when to make space for privacy to allow those personal moments.

Thank you so much to K + B for choosing me to be a small part of their HUGE day. Also huge thanks for the following folks that were a dream to work along side, and that worked so collaboratively to offer our couple the best experience possible.


Photos : @heatherkpurdy Videography: @wethedrakes

Hair and Makeup: @blackfernbeautyco Florals: @cassia.foret

Officiant: @elope_with_dean_liapis Chef: @the_bearded_chef_official

Dress No.1 @weddingshoppeinc Dress No.2 @whitemagnoliabridal Dress No.3 @ccsbridalboutique

Till our next adventure elopement!

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