Eloped: The Swiss Alps

Firstly, thank you to Sam Starns for these incredible images! She’s got all the goods on eloping your life-you should totally check her out. For a rundown on the wild time and more specifics, check her post out here.

There is always something very special about a couple choosing you to be their “plus one” on an adventure elopement. There is something even more amazing about a couple choosing you to meet them in a foreign country for an “amazing race” style adventure from one end of this gorgeous country to the other! We dodged some weather (drove practically to France), we laughed a lot, and by the end, we had inside jokes, and felt like long lost friends.

Getting Ready

Day 1 Grindlewald & Lauterbrunnen

We had the most gorgeous day planned, in the most romantic, downpours ever. It didn’t break spirits though, and in spite of the weather and crummy visibility, we hurried from our gondola ride into the lodge for some lunch, and the best hot cocoa I’ve ever had. Swiss chocolate is ELITE.

The weather eased just as we finished lunch and that’s when the sound of music vibes were vibing.

From our first call, I knew I was totally blessed to have connected with these people. Nami was clear on her vision, and Hari was delightfully a part of the process. I welcome partners to connect with me, as I’ll be spending most of the time with both of you on your adventure, so I have to pass the vibe check for both of you. When that far from home, and no family or friends present, the intimate circle on elopement day should be comfortable, safe, and effortless.

As we prepped that morning, we listened to Metallica (Nami is a part of one of the biggest Metallica podcasts our there) and we chatted about the concert they were attending in Amsterdam in just two days-I was so stoked for them! Hari shared stories of his time in Baltimore for school, my hometown-which is always a wild chat. IYKYK;).

I know this is a missed opportunity to talk about how its valuable to have me on an international elopement, but literally-all I can talk about when it comes to these two is how in love and devoted they were to each other. So this entry is not a guide for how to elope and what to pack, and how I can help-this is literally just a journal entry from one of the most amazing jobs I’ve had the privilege to get.

Day 2 Lake Geneva

After a wet day one, we headed to the castle at Lake Geneva for day two, after another pivot to avoid more rough weather, and no views. The signs went from German to French, and I was REALLY stoked to have Sam around, because German is my second language(kinda). I’m not fluent, but I can get us a cup of coffee, a hotel room, order food, and politely ask for directions, and not offend TOO many people in the process. Anyway-she speaks French, and thank god.

What I love most about traveling…strangers are immediate friends, Nami and Hari had NO SHORTAGE of well wishers that day.

I tend to cry on elopement days. These folks chose me to be there, sure I’m holding your things, but I’m also holding space. And if my couples are loud enough, I hear their vows, I’m there for the tears, and the stories.

And now I’m about to share the best part. What I didn’t know, until I arrived in Switzerland, is that Hari is color blind. Nami, had brilliantly purchased corrective glasses for him and he’d be able to see her, and her red dressed for the first time.

I honestly get really bummed when these trips come to a close. Clients that feel like friends, and experiences of a lifetime for us all to remember.

Also-shout out to my co-sherpa Brian. Sam’s partner B-Rye, and he’s affectionately called was my back up ride or die on this excursion. Usually, for adventure elopements, its just a photographer, the couple and myself-but I had back up on this trip and it was even more of a blast as a result.

yea, I dont know.

Anyway, thank you Nami + Hari for bringing me along on your epic love story. Thank you to Ranger Sam for always knowing what to do and generously sharing your work. Thank you Brian for keeping the laughs going and thanks to y’all for reading along 😉

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