Trials, Not Tribulations

Getting the perfect hair and makeup for your wedding day is as important as finding the perfect dress.  As one of Baltimore’s busiest beauty duos, we take this very seriously.  You should too!

In this article, lets touch on what you can expect when you work with us, and tips on how to get every juicy drop out of your trial experience with us.

do I even need a trail?

Girl, yes you do.  Most certainly.  Here’s why.

One of the most important things about a trial is that you will get to meet us!  On one of the biggest days of your life, you will need the right squad to be there for you.  Yes, you need a beauty team, but more than that, you need one that you vibe with and that makes you feel comfortable.  (Bonus points if we make you laugh and have the best time getting ready).

You also need to preview your bridal look.  More on that coming right up, hon.

be prepared

Two key things.  Photos for inspiration (cue the endless hours on Pinterest) and some ideas of what your signature look is.  Have no idea what your signature look might be?  That’s ok, here’s a homework assignment.  Think about a time when you felt the most confident and what your makeup or hair look was like.  Hair down?  A red lip?  A no makeup look?  Big winged liner?  These are beauty looks that you have rocked in the past and  made you feel like a goddess.  That’s what we’re going for.  Your wedding look needs to be classic “you” and you are the only one that knows what those elements are.

Now is not the best time to try something totally new and out of the box.  Save that for New Year’s or your next birthday party.  You might love the hair and makeup looks we give you, but they might not feel quite “right.”  You need to be gorgeous, but extremely comfortable and confident in your looks.

Another helpful hint is to define what you don’t want.  Sounds crazy right?  We know.  But it is helpful.

Having these things in mind when you come for your trial will give you (and us) the best experience possible.  We will have hair and skin care consultations with you.  Spend our time listening carefully to everything you tell us and pour our hearts and souls into what we create for you.  But we need your help, sister.  We can help you achieve your vision, but that starts with you.

baltimore makeup

oh, Pinterest

We have a real love-hate relationship with this cute lil app when it comes to makeup, specifically.  You might find 9,000 photos of gorgeous makeup that you really like because they are all gorgeous.  Just be careful not to pin too many things.  You’ll see that they are all dramatically different and it will be really tough to pinpoint what you love.

Check us out on Instagram and our portfolios on the site.  You may have better luck finding inspiration there!

let’s talk

We will take photos of your finished looks and send them along to you to share with family and friends.  When you get your photos and don’t absolutely love everything you see, please tell us.  Feedback is extremely important for us.

Our goal is to make you feel the best you’ve ever felt, and if we miss something we definitely want to know about it, right away.  Many small things can be tweaked on your wedding day.  Working out the kinks (so they don’t arise on your wedding day) is the biggest part of the trial process.

second time around

With all the tips we’ve outlined here, we are confident that you will have the look of your dreams when we are finished your trials.  If however, you feel like you want to try something else, we would love to invite you back for another trial!  With that said, if you have your signature look nailed down for the first go-round, you will save time and money on a second trial.  Win-win!

other things to bring to your trial

An open mind!  Our brides love us because we bring some serious skills to the table.  Keeping the guardrails up on your signature look, but giving us a little room to find things that flatter you are a recipe for certain success.

Your favorite lipstick.  This is often one of the toughest parts of your makeup look.  If you have one in your collection that you totally adore, bring it along!

Hair extensions.  If you have them, and rock them on the reg, bring ’em!  They add not only length, but much loved volume, whether your hair is up, or down.

Accessories.  Earrings, hair pieces, veils, all of those things will help us to see the vision you have in mind.

Photos of your dress.  We love taking inspiration from your dress and other aesthetic elements of your bridal vision.  This is where it all starts to come together.











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