Beauty Do’s & Don’ts (Right Before Your Wedding)

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Days are counting down, we’re excited, we might be stressed, we’ve got spreadsheets, we’ve got lists, we are READY!

But are we really?  It’s likely that while you’ve been up till the wee hours spray painting the perfect gold trays for the escort cards (because of course Home Goods only had them in copper, and that just won’t do) you’ve neglected some serious aspects of your beauty routine leading up to your wedding.  Of course chugging merlot, eating whatever you can find and sleeping in your makeup is fine, right?  I mean after all, you’ve got stuff to do!

Well fear not, Hon.  As always your girls here at Fleurt got you covered!

Don’t …

Get your first ever spray tan the week of the wedding.  I feel like this is self explanatory, but in case its not…let me break it down for you.  Trying a new technician, machine, or tanning solution might leave you looking like you’re sure pick for the next Season of the Jersey Shore, and you may also (in some rare cases) have a reaction to it altogether.


Find a technician that will physically apply the tan to your body (sorry Mystic) and schedule a trail appointment weeks ahead of time.  This will ensure that you are looking like Jennifer Lopez in a music video AND professionals can give you tips and tricks for skin prep to make sure you are looking flawless.


Try a new facial.  I know, I know, but you are a nut about skincare.  Yes, yes I am.  But trying out a new routine even if your BFF swears by it, might lead to congestion, irritation, and any number of unwanted issues.


Chat with a trusted aesthetician and schedule a few facials leading up to the wedding.  Any issues will resolve long before you head down the aisle.  Also, starting a good home routine that you use religiously, like, every day, babe.  If you’re looking for some ideas and recommendation, you can find them here, here, and here.


Get your brows waxed the day before.  Makeup can look unsettled on freshly waxed areas.  Maybe you’ve recently incorporated Retinol into your routine and you don’t know that you can’t use hot wax anymore and a little singed.  (Yes, I HAVE seen this before.  In fact I’ve seen more than one brow waxing mishap in the many years I’ve been doing this).


Try threading.  We generally prefer threading as a rule anyway.  You get BEAUTIFUL and clean sculpted brows and there is lesser chance for a mishap.  Check reviews for people in your area, ask your girlfriends where they go and schedule an appointment.  Its also more gentle on your skin long term.  As you age, all that tugging and tension is no bueno.


Eat pizza, fast food, and drink too much alcohol because it’s convenient and you “need a drink.” Although it may be easy, greasy foods are likely to cause breakouts, you’ll experience bloating, and alcohol will dehydrate your skin.


Stick to clean, unprocessed foods as much as possible! Limit your sugar intake, which also means limit the amount of wine you’re drinking at 1am (I know, I know, please don’t hate me!). Drink LOTS of water to keep your skin hydrated as well as eating water-rich foods like cucumbers, watermelon and apples. If you haven’t noticed yet, hydration is KEY!


Pop all your pimples.  This might just be the hardest one on my cute little list here.  After the alcohol consumption of course.  Digging and squeezing all those spots can lead us down a rough road, babe.  We’re talking infection, more breakouts and worse, scabbing.  It is much easier for us to cover a bit of redness, than all that skin disruption and scabbing.  Also, when you expose the oils that are inside the pimple onto the surface of the skin, our products have a REAL hard time adhering to the surface of your skin, and will be near impossible to conceal.  Not to mention, your run the risk of scarring, long term.


Leave them the hell alone.  Warm compresses can ease any pain for the deep cystic breakouts.  A toner continuing Salicylic Acid will help heal and prevent future breakouts.  One of our favorites is Glossier Solution.


Deprive yourself of enough sleep.  If you have a bridal party, delegate that ish.  Get your fiancé, family and all the bridal party involved.  You legitimaly need to rest.  Weddings are really stressful, and one of the leading causes of emotional-ugly-tears, because the napkins are dusty plum instead of lavender haze is because you’re exhausted.  Not to mention, this will show up all over your face.  Dark circles.  Puffiness.  Redness.  All of its bad.


Go to bed, and take plenty of naps.


Decide to dramatically change your hair color or cut, or try a smoothing treatment for the first time.


Talk to your stylist about your wedding hair plans, before we take over for your wedding day style.  Regular trims are key to healthy looking down ‘dos.  If your making a wedding hair change, do so slowly over a few months time.  Trial run that style ahead of time.  One of the biggest keys here is to start early and schedule your appointments all the way up to the wedding.  If you’re going to a busy stylist, get on his/her books for as far out as you can as soon as you can.  Avoid ugly tears when they are fully booked , and you can’t get your color refreshed.   TRUST. ME. ON. THIS. ONE.

So, hows the wedding planning going?

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