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Baltimore Wedding Hair

We are keeping the hot breaking new coming your way, babes!  As a follow up to the Bridesmaid Guide for Makeup  we present to you the Bridesmaid Guide for Hairstyling.  

Prep for formal hairstyling can be super confusing.  You may hear different “preferences” from different stylists about how they like to work with your hair.  So, we are taking the guess work out of it for you.  Here you will find tips for achieving the very best hair possible with Meaghan.  Proper preparation will legit make all the difference.

Lets Get Dirty

Dirty hair is not always best for styling, especially if you happen to have an oily scalp with finer, silky hair.  Even more so, if your hair is “virgin.”  Meaning, it has not been colored or lifted with bleach.  If this sounds like you, please come with freshly washed, clean and dry hair.  Hair technology has come along way, and our kits are full of amazing texturing products to give your hair texture and grip.  

About Last Night

A great way to prep your hair for wedding day hair services, is to get a blow-out the night before.  Pamper and treat yourselves before the rehearsal dinner so you can finally sit down and relax, look amazing for the dinner, and prep your hair while you sip champagne.

Curly Girly

For naturally curly-haired gals (who want to use their curl for their hairstyle or up-dp), you should wash, condition, and add the products you usually use to style and tame your curls.  If you want larger, softer curl, make sure to blow-dry (or treat yourself to a blowout) beforehand, so that we can curl your hair on the day of the wedding to create the wave you would like.  

Dry Me…

Unless you have arranged for a formal blow dry style of the day of, come ready for services with clean, dry hair.  Upstyles do not include a blow dry style and may only be performed if time allows.  Additional charges will also apply.  If you are interested in a blow-dry before your up styling, please let us know so we can give you accurate pricing and ensure we schedule enough time for the additional service.

Flat Out…

We know it can be tempting to smooth your hair if you are wavy, or frizzy.  We strongly advise against this!  Overuse of a flat iron before hair services will result in really bad curl quality and longevity.  If you straighten your hair in preparation for your time with us, be prepared for straight and flat hair.  You are best to wash, dry and leave the rest to us!

Cut it Out…

Shoutout to the long-haired babes!  We know you think that a trim will result in inches lost and lots of tears.  It won’t.  Do yourself a favor and get regular (every 8 weeeks) trims to keep your ends looking healthy.  Failure to do so will result in dry, split, shattered ends that look really wimpy.  Regular trims will keep the bottom of your hair looking fat and healthy.  (You should not be able to see through the ends of your hair.)

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